Hello Friends! I'm so excited to share the step by step on how to make my fun Halloween gummie ice-cubes. It is one of the simplest Diy's to do! I even let my boys join in on the fun. So, if you're a mama and your reading this have your kid(s) join in because they will learn a thing or two. This Diy teaches children about measurements (math), following steps, and watching water turn into ice (science) ! Can you believe a simple DIY can teach your child that many things.


Let's begin...

Halloween ice cube step by step

First you will need to gather some supplies.

You will need:

- Gummies of your choice. I found my gummy worms and dracula teeth from Homegoods. They have awesome holiday collections of candy and goods.

- King Ice-Cube silicone maker. I purchased mine from Bed,Bath and Beyond . You will also find it on amazon.

- Water 

This is the fun part where my kids joined in! Place gummies in the king cube tray, add water and freeze!


I would highly suggest to not freeze the ice throughout the evening. The gummies will wilt and start tearing apart. Freezing time should be for about (7-8 hours). I let mine sit in for 4 hours and this is how they came out...


I put them back in for another 4 hours and it was perfect. When I took out the ice tray and pulled out the cubes I decided to run them individullay under cold water for a few seconds to get rid of the fogginess. I also wanted them to peek through the cube. 

This was the final result ! I must say I am so happy with the way they came out. I hope you enjoyed my first DIY blog post and hope you have a spook-tooth-ular halloween with my fun diy.