Fairy In A Secret Garden

In Collaboration with Pretty Twinkle Party

Can we talk about how gorgeous this garden party is that Goldie over at Pretty Twinkle Party styled for her daughter Geela's birthday. I was so thrilled to be able to collaborate with her and create some custom decorations for her daughters party. Let's take a look.


Can we start by saying wow to that amazing cake! Honestly, baking is not my thing but as a stylist I love seeing how amazingly skilled and detailed bakers can get. I mean even those cookies are just perfection. Golda asked me to create a fairy cake topper to top off the cake. I think it came out perfect! right?

How adorable is the dome centerpiece! There were fairies everywhere which added the sweetest touch. 

Each letter was cut separately and Golda strung them on the stunning floral backdrop.

I really enjoy collaborating with my fellow party stylist friends! It really brings me joy to see how they've used and styled what I have created for them. To see more from Golda's gorgeous parties visit her website at www.PrettyTwinkleParty.com

Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think! It always makes me happy to hear from you.

Charming Charlie- Meet and Greet with Loey Lane

Charming Charlie-Loey Lane-SugarPartiesLA-Dessert Table-MeetandGreet.JPG

I was so excited when I was contacted to create a dessert & candy table for the retail store Charming Charlie. In case if you have never heard of Loey Lane, she is  a famous American YouTube star who mainly posts videos on beauty and plus-size fashion. Loey Lane has many fans whom she inspires. Loey hosted a meet and greet which she included an exclusive collection she handpicked of her favorite accessories and items found at Charming Charlie stores. 

Charming Charlie-Loey Lane-SugarPartiesLA-Dessert Table-California.JPG

Loey Lanes Meet and Greet line went out the door! Her handpicked collection consisted of pastel colors and unicorns so, that's the theme I went with for the table.

I love how the colors were all soft. The desserts included cupcakes, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered rice krispies, cake pops and assorted candies in the jars. I really wanted to highlight the stores brand so I incorporated Charming Charlie's logo on the chocolate covered oreos along with the cupcake toppers.

Charming Charlie-Loey Lane-SugarPartiesLA-Dessert Table -Meet and Greet.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this party! It was definitely a special moment for me to be able to put something together for Charming Charlie's special event.