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Charming Charlie- Meet and Greet with Loey Lane

Charming Charlie-Loey Lane-SugarPartiesLA-Dessert Table-MeetandGreet.JPG

I was so excited when I was contacted to create a dessert & candy table for the retail store Charming Charlie. In case if you have never heard of Loey Lane, she is  a famous American YouTube star who mainly posts videos on beauty and plus-size fashion. Loey Lane has many fans whom she inspires. Loey hosted a meet and greet which she included an exclusive collection she handpicked of her favorite accessories and items found at Charming Charlie stores. 

Charming Charlie-Loey Lane-SugarPartiesLA-Dessert Table-California.JPG

Loey Lanes Meet and Greet line went out the door! Her handpicked collection consisted of pastel colors and unicorns so, that's the theme I went with for the table.

I love how the colors were all soft. The desserts included cupcakes, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered rice krispies, cake pops and assorted candies in the jars. I really wanted to highlight the stores brand so I incorporated Charming Charlie's logo on the chocolate covered oreos along with the cupcake toppers.

Charming Charlie-Loey Lane-SugarPartiesLA-Dessert Table -Meet and Greet.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this party! It was definitely a special moment for me to be able to put something together for Charming Charlie's special event. 


"Grave Digger" Monster Truck Birthday + Free Printable

Hello Friends! Today I want to share with you my son's cake and cupcakes I created to help him celebrate his 4th birthday with his preschool class! I cannot believe my child is now 4 years old! I mean geez where does the time fly?