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I’m so excited to be sharing with you all my very special baby shower that I designed and styled. If this is your first time visiting me Welcome ! My name is Susan and I am a mama to 2 little boys and currently expecting my third boy! Hashtag #Boymomforlife ! I truly poured lots of love and thought into designing my shower that I comfortably hosted right at home. I have been asked quite a bit for details & how I created the look for this theme so, I will be adding links and vendor names to make it easier for you to reference straight to.Hope you enjoy!

Momosa Bar

As soon as guests walked in they were greeted with a mimosa bar. I mean it is a celebration right … so, let’s get the drinks going.


I am a huge d.i.y’er so naturally I think of all the things I can handcraft and make that would fit my themes perfectly. I was at Joanns Fabrics and found water colored frames that I ended up purchasing. I added white vinyl to the glass and it made the perfect signage throughout the shower. I really tried to keep the look consistent.


To add more of a pop and fun detail for the mimosa bar I used Tossware drink-ware! I designed my own .png that I uploaded to www.MyTossware.com which matched perfectly with the shibori tye-dye theme I was trying to go for. I can’t stress enough how amazing the quality of Tossware’s drink-ware is. They are BPA-free, 100% recycable, stackable with crystal clear clarity meaning they literally look like glass! Want some other great news … Tossware is offering a discount code to all my friends. You can use discount code: SUGARPARTIES15 at the checkout.

If you are interested in purchasing the same png design I used that you can upload to your Tossware flutes you can email me SugarPartiesLA@gmail.com


How adorable are these moccasins?! Since I didn’t want my baby shower to be too “babyish” with overwhelming baby designs I decided to add a few touches of baby items and crescent moon with stars around different areas just for a splash of style.

Decor Ideas


I used baby swaddles and blankets that I rolled up and tucked into a basket that I thought would be super cute to decorate near my mantle. I really wanted a clean and simple design that reflected my taste and complimented my home decor at the same time.


My mom who owns an Etsy shop called “TheSageHaus” created the perfect wooden beaded blue ombre tassel to go with the theme that I simply strung over my fireplace.

Diaper Raffle


Diaper Raffles are a fun and easy way for guests to win a prize. Plus, who would say no to getting lots of diapers?! As a special thank you to my subscribers the Diaper Raffle sign is available in my Subscribers Party Place for you to download and use. If you have not yet subscribed well, what are you waiting for …



These were the invites my sister Sara Ashouri and I designed together. Each envelope included an official invite, diaper raffle ticket and my baby registry information. I really wanted to add an envelope liner and I didn’t know how to so, I reached out to my sweet friend named Farren from @PrettyPeachTree who designs svg’s that you can upload to your cricut machine and have the perfect cut!



Thinking about what foods you want to serve at your event can be quite stressful (at least for me it is).I find that it’s much harder to serve hot food then it is to serve sandwiches and cold foods. I wanted to keep it simple but fulfilling. I contacted Joseph @BadaroCuisine (a catering company in Southern California) to help me come up with a menu with variety of foods to serve. How about I just let to pictures of the foods do the rest of the talking…


Baby Shower Games


Baby shower games are a must! It’s always fun for guests to get pumped to win a prize. I made 4 sets of different prizes so each guest would get something different. My friend Bri from @partieswithacause designed the perfect baby shower games and sign to fit my theme perfectly. The best part is they are now available in her Etsy shop HalfPintPartyDesign.

Let’s Get Creative


I really wanted to create a onsie decorating station at my shower, but I wanted the onsies to be cute enough that I would actually use them for baby boy. I decided to create a Iron-On onsie station meaning guests would have to iron-on designs themselves. I cant lie it was a bit challenging here and there for some to get the designs on but for the most part they loved the idea of it! I designed tags for guests to sign and attach to their onsie that way I can know who made it. I thought it would be super cute after baby boy is born to send each of the guests who created one a picture of him wearing it.


Outdoor Seating and Tablescape

Let my start by saying outdoor seating can be tricky. No joke the weekend and pretty much the entire week before my baby shower party date we were experiencing high winds and lots of rain in Southern California. It was so stressful,but luckily the weekend I chose was predicted to not be raining which I was so thankful for! Now let’s go over some of these fun details on how I achieved this simple look.


The first item that I purchased and wanted to design my entire tablescape around were my shibori tye dye plates that I found at Target. I knew it would be a little tricky because I really had to think about how to match it with other decor tastefully since the plates have a lot going on. I wanted a little rustic, farmhouse and simple boho styles to be incorporated (which all fit my style).

I was on a hunt for a rental place that carried the items that I needed to make it come together. I found a company in Moorpark, California called A Rental Connection that carried the most beautiful selection of rental items. I rented the cross-back wooden chairs,table cloth,tables, wooden chargers and napkins from them.


Other items I added were my Tossware drinking cups, gorgeous wooden candle holder and blue candles that I found from World Market, Blue ombre tassels from TheSageHaus and lots of assorted greenery and eucalyptus scattered in between.


Sweet Treat


My sweet friend Paula from @PartiesbyPaula created the sweetest cake pops for me. They were delicious and seriously barely even lasted ! They were devoured.

Dessert Table

BM4A4843 (2).jpg

Dessert tables are so popular for all types of events. I feel like its one of the main areas that should really stand out. I really couldn’t think of specific name for this look since I added a few combo of styles to create it. I wanted a little boho,rustic,shibori and indigo vibes going on and honestly when it came together and I was done it was more than I ever expected. I LOVED it!


I’m so lucky to have such talented friends to work with that can create the style I envision without much being said. I worked with Stephanie from @LittleRoseCookieCo who created the most beautiful cookies. I also worked with Amanda from @DipdNDripd who created the donuts,3 stacked sugar cookies and chocolate covered oreos.


The backdrop was super fun to create. I used a wooden stick I had and wrapped yarn that dangled downwards to give a boho feel. The dangling tassels were all created by TheSageHaus.




We have reached the end. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful with the links I provided to find some of the items. If there’s anything I missed or if you have a question please leave me a message in the comments below! I am here to help and inspire you for your special event. If you really loved this party please share and Pin It!

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