Kids Spooky Halloween Edible Necklace

Looking for a quick and fun Halloween activity for the kids? Well, I got you covered! This is such a fun and easy idea that I did with my kids right at home. All you need is string, Ghosts & Bats potato snacks and a pair of scissors.

Halloween Craft Ideas for kids-Halloween food

I am a huge Trader Joe’s fan (not sponsored).Their seasonal items are always the best and I am always on the lookout for fun foods. I came across this fun bag of Ghosts & Bats potato snacks that I thought my kids would enjoy. Sure enough as soon as I opened the bag a creative spark lit in my mind. Let’s make edible necklaces!

Halloween kids foods
Halloween D.I.Y-Kids Halloween

My son looped and strung the string through each of the bat & ghosts eye ball holes and guess what ? That’s It!

Halloween kids ideas-halloween food

I seriously love how fun and easy these types of activities are. Not only do the kids get to eat their yummy snacks but it facilitates with their growth. We as adults may skip the thought that an activity like stringing helps promote eye and hand coordination in young children. Just as they would string beads and learn patterns and etc at school.

Stringing also helps with building those fine motor skills (small muscles) that children need to enable functions such as writing, grasping small objects and fastening clothing. So get those kids stringing!

Halloween bats-Trader joes hack-halloween

This activity is great for Halloween parties and for classrooms as well. I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to Pin It so you can always come back to it. Have a Happy Halloween.

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Halloween kids food ideas-halloween crafts-Halloween foods-trader joes