Halloween Kid Friendly Cheese Board

Halloween is almost here and I know many of us parents are concerned with our kiddos eating too much candy. It’s so hard sometimes to even get kids interested in eating healthy foods on a daily basis so that’s why I decided to create a little fun snack and cheeseboard for my boys. They LOVED it and dove right in.

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I wanted to incorporate some fun Halloween decorations to get them excited. First, I used a full size cucumber that I added some spider rings in. I cut a slit that was used as a little pocket so I can insert the ring inside.

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I cut slices of summer turkey sausage and placed them under yellow cheddar cheese and put a little rosemary stem to resemble a pumpkin. I really focused on choosing food colors that all complimented one another and knew my kids would eat.


TIP: To fill the empty parts of the board I used kale. They work as great fillers.

Halloween cheeseboard-Kids food-halloween food ideas-www.sugarpartiesla.com.jpg

I added a rat near the cheese because we all know they love that!

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Let me know what you think of our cheeseboard by leaving a comment below! We hope you liked it.

Have a great Halloween.

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