"Dates and Duaas" Ramadan Ideas

Hey friends! Ramadan is a special month chosen out of the year that many people fast. I wanted to create a fun and simple look for setting up your table for Iftar and share a free printable that I created just for you. Hope you enjoy!

Ramadan Ideas-Dates and Duaas-Iftar

My inspiration came from the tablecloth I chose to use. It is from Morocco and I absolutely loved the pattern and colors to use for my date table. If you don’t know what dates are they are a long brown edible fruit from a palm. Many people eat dates to break their fasts due to their benefits. Dates are easily digested, making them a quick source of energy and nutrients. Eating dates after a long day of fasting can help the body's blood glucose levels quickly return to normal.

Let’s Get Creative


Finding a fun and simple way to display my date filled cookies and dates came super easy to me. I had some wooden crescent moon stirrers that I purchased from Etsy that were perfect for the theme. I refrigerated the cookies so they would be a bit stiff before putting them through the skewer. It really helped with preventing them to break and crumble completely so, I highly suggest if you will be recreating this look to refrigerate your cookies. I added a date to the bottom of the cookie to fill the stirrer completely and I loved it. To finish the look I sprinkled some powdered sugar on top and boom done ! It cant get easier than that!

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Another way I displayed my dates on the crescent stirrers were separating them with a purple grape in between. I then displayed them in a tea cup. When you pour your tea in the glass you will simply remove the stirrer and be able to take bites of the date and grape while sipping. I specifically chose a clear tea cup because I loved how it stood out. Tea and dates are very delicious together and I feel like tea would be so much lighter on your stomach after fasting for an entire day.

Iftar Printable

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Today I am sharing my “Let’s Eat” printable for free that I designed for all my subscribers so don’t forget to Join The Party to access the Subscribers Party Place.

The printable is super cute to add to utensil sets for your tablescape or you can use them for Iftar favors if you are hosting family and friends. I really hope you enjoyed these simple ideas today and that you share and pin it!

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